Sound Effects and 7DLR

Where I’ve Been

It’s been a while since I posted here. As planned, I did not work on Reflector much in March. Most of the month was spent preparing for the 7 Day Roguelike game jam, making the game, and then working on a couple bugfix/balance updates for the game. Not as planned, I hardly did any game development during April and May. I needed a bit of a break after the jam, and momentum kept the break going longer than planned. Trying to work on both Reflector and updates for my 7DRL game at the same time did not help. I’ve decided to focus on Reflector until I get the next major update out.


So, what’s the status of Reflector? I have managed some progress over the past few months. Sound effects and music are now fully implemented. I’ll continue tweaking volumes and whatnot, but all of the audio is in game and playing when it’s supposed to! Next up, I’ll be doing a few graphical improvements and then starting to work on the new enemies and buildings for alpha 3.

Wyrm’s Wrath

This is the game I made for 7DRL 2021, which you can play here on Play as primordial beast. Eat your enemies to harness the powers of Mushroom, Crystal, and Slime. Kill the King and get your revenge.

I have some pretty major changes planned for this, but it’s on hold for now. After releasing Reflector Alpha 3 and following up with any needed patches, I’ll return to work on the 2.0 update for this.

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