Alpha 3.0.1 Patch Released

This patch contains a few fixes and UI tweaks. Let me know if you find any more issues.

  • NEW: Click to move setting
  • NEW: Warn player that there are no saves or undo in private browsing
  • MOD: F10 is used to open menu instead of Esc
  • MOD: Esc can be used in addition to Q as "Back" keybinding
  • MOD: Q/Esc only clears map cursor if using keyboard cursor controls
  • MOD: Q/Esc will open main menu if it is not used for anything else
  • MOD: Split Misc category into Housing and Infrastructure
  • MOD: Added new playtesters to credits
  • FIX: Outdated text in Residence tutorial
  • FIX: Colonists not assigned to tents
  • FIX: Colonists not reassigning residence during day
  • FIX: Game crashes in private browsing mode
  • FIX: blueprint conditions checked previous position instead of current
  • FIX: sliders for musc/sfx volume are empty white boxes

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